Frames for Giclee Prints

Frames for Giclee Prints


Here you can buy a frame to accompany your S4M Giclee Print.
The frame measures 355mm x 355mm and comes with a Shatter proof Perspex/ styrene sheet in place of glass. The Perspex/ styrene is extremely lightweight and safe especially for use in kid’s rooms, play areas, offices, club’s restaurants, cafes etc.
The sheet has very high clarity and there is no difference from glass once up on the wall.
The frame is hang only, hanging hooks will be provided and string may be required (not included).
Width of the moulding: 30mm
Depth of the moulding: 15mm
Moulding Rebate: 8mm
Frame Material: Black foil wrapped MDF
Glass/ Styrene: Styrene / Perspex

All profits from the sales of these prints will be donated to The Teapot Trust - a charity who provides art therapy to children with health conditions.



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